Are You Sure You Want To Be Psychic?

'I'd Like To Develop My Psychic Side', I'd Love To Be More Intuitive', 'I Wish I Could Do What You Do'

These are some of the things I hear when I speak to people about being psychic, or about my books, and how they came to be, or just in general conversation about life. And if they want to, I can help them to develop those skills. Whether they want to begin to develop mediumship skills, improve their intuition, pick up on and work with energy, learn hands-on healing, or even to work with spirit more confidently. Yes, I can help them, teach them some skills and techniques, or show them where to start and they can buy my books and learn for themselves. If they really want to learn. Sometimes they are being polite and showing a mild interest that will wane before they do anything about it. Sometimes they really do want to do take things further.

Do You Want To Be Psychic? Really? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my life, or my psychic and intuitive nature. But I am glad that I can understand and control my abilities - although they still take me by surprise sometimes so I've still got some learning to do. However, I feel it's only fair to warn you that there are some downsides to being psychic.

For some people it's scary. If they don't understand what's going on for them, if they don't have support from family or friends or someone who can help, they may think they are going mad. They may even think that they are causing bad things to happen. If this applies to you by the way, you are not causing bad things to happen just because you know they are happening, or going to come about before they actually do.

The problem is that even if you have it under control and understand your psychic and intuitive side, it's not all a bed of roses. With these abilities comes great responsibility.

If you start to provide readings for others, perhaps using tаrоt or other cards, or simply by passing on messages that you receive intuitively or from a loved one in spirit, you have to be really careful how (and if) you say some of the information that you receive. I'm not saying that you should lie to people, however, I don't believe in scaring them either. If you pick up on something that is not particularly nice, you do have to ask yourself, 'How will it serve this person to know this information?' and 'Is it in their best interests to know?'. One example is, does a mother really need to know, hear again or relive, exactly how a child died? It depends on the circumstances perhaps, but I would think in most cases, they are actually seeking reassurance that their child is in safe hands and that there is some form of afterlife in which they will be reunited.
Other issues that may come up if you are discussing being psychic or intuitive are:

People might give you 'that look'. some of my friends and family will know what I mean. It's 'that look' that says, 'Whoa, don't get inside my head, I don't want you to know what's in there'. There's another, slightly different look that says you scare me a little because 'If there's a ghost around me, I really don't want to know'. People can be funny with you about being psychic, they can also steer clear and avoid you completely.

The odd person may seek you out, who only wants to talk about the 'spooky stuff', hound you for information, desperate to get in touch with a relative who has passed on, or to know their future. You will be doing the avoiding with this type of person!

Others will quite simply mock you, or may even challenge you to prove yourself. This conversation can get quite heated depending on how entrenched they are in their disbelief of anything paranormal, or perhaps in their religious beliefs. My advice here is most definitely do not go into battle!
Being empathic also runs closely alongside psychic and intuitive skills, and can be hard to handle, but that's a huge subject for discussion in its own right.

There is another downside which is far more personal and probably the hardest thing to handle about being a psychic, a medium, or a powerfully intuitive person. That's the impact it can have on you. If you know things about people or situations that you have no other way of knowing it can cause you a lot of pain and personal heartache. You may feel like you're going mad, or you may handle a situation really badly. Sometimes being psychic sucks! I know, I've been there and it's really hard.

But I don't want to dwell on negative emotions, I want to help, so, what can you do? What advice can I give you to help you deal with these things. Well, I've thrown in some thoughts on some of these points along the way but here are a few more:

Don't brag & be careful who you share your skills with, especially in the early days. I didn't really start to talk openly about my psychic side for a long time. There are some people who had no idea about it until my first book, 'Help I think I Might Be Psychic', was published in 2008. If you are loud about your skills, or developing them, people may be loud back, you will be challenged and you may end up looking a bit daft or having an all out row with friends.

Have other interests and hobbies. Don't just be 'that psychic woman' that people refer to. Be the 'friend who works in insurance and is really interesting, you'll like her, oh and she's a bit psychic sometimes'.

Work with your skills, develop, understand and learn to control them.

Learn to shut out your abilities when you don't want them to interfere with your social life.

Develop a spiritual philosophy to help yourself understand your psychic side within a framework and to help you to handle the difficult times and situations.

Embrace personal development. This may come in the form of books, courses, audio books and mixing with positive self-motivated and like-minded people.

Don't start offering readings to others too soon. Get some experience of dealing with delivering messages first. Find a course, or a group to work with or practise with a very good friend.

Really get to grips with your own sense of self. Work to really understand the difference between your intuitive (psychic) and your emotional (you're only human) responses.
Remember that this doesn't all happen overnight. I've made mistakes in the past, I've reacted badly to things I thought were my intuition but were my own emotions and fears running away with me. But I've learnt. I've been actively developing this side of me since I was 14 - I'm 38 right now and I think I'm getting there.