Effective Exercises for Increasing Your Intuition

As a Teacher of Tarot, I often times get a lot of questions about learning how to interpret the Tаrоt more accurately or if there's an easy way to learn the meanings without being overwhelmed by all the information. As this is very much an individualized process of self exploration and learning, there are however some simple and effective techniques you can do to make the process easier.

One of the most effective ways is by drawing a card and focusing upon that particular card's symbols, images and meaning. This can be done in several ways but most usually being creative provides the best results and takes the overwhelmingness out of the situation and replaces it with a more enjoyable approach. When we're having fun we tend to absorb more because we do not feel overloaded by the information.

Some common examples for utilizing this technique would be to draw a daily guidance card and meditate, focus and intuitively discern the message behind the card you are drawing. When doing this, it helps to provide clues as to how the flow of the day will unfold; not necessarily to a tee but highly probable or it may indicate the way in which we should react to a situation when we do experience it.

Use your intuition to guide you through this process. Journaling about this can provide additional benefits because often times when we are writing and expressing our feelings about something our intuition is much higher and will tend to flow forth onto the pages you're writing (or typing) in your journal.

This can be done on a daily basis or once a week as an overall generalized representation of what you need to be aware of for the upcoming week or indication of the influences, elements, energies and experiences that may manifest themselves. You could also lay out 7 cards, one for each day of the week if you would like to expand upon the messages or increasing the number of cards you interpret at one time.

Another method that many Tаrоt readers utilize is sleeping with their Tаrоt deck underneath their pillow at night as this directly connects our subconscious awareness to the cards while we are in our most receptive state of mind and beingness.

These however are only a few examples but will greatly assist your process of absorbing and learning the Tarot. For these exercises utilize your intuition first and foremost before you dive into the books to see what other readers and author's have to say. You may surprise yourself and find that you are more accurate than you realized.