The Star - A Sparkle of Hope in a Stormy World?

Can anything be quite so tranquil as a clear night sky? The storm has passed, leaving air that's sublimely crisp and fresh to breathe. Our lives may otherwise be full of trouble and strife, but we can forget all that right now. This is a moment to be savoured; to relax, whilst simply being thankful we're alive! Such is the influence of The Star.

Hope, calmness and serenity - all are brought to your Tаrоt reading by the influence of this wonderful card. Other typical meanings include:

A bright prospect arriving
Good exam results
Spiritual love
Beware of your pride
Just as the passing of an earthly storm brings us inner calm, so can the passing of a metaphoric one! And it signifies far more than a cooling off period - it's also an excellent time to make peace, so that old grudges are lain to rest once and for all.

So, if you're feeling suitably energized, why not try putting something back? Under The Star's influence, you may find yourself highly motivated to try to help others, besides making those necessary changes that are long overdue in your own life!

As with each of the cards in every Tаrоt reading, you need to pay careful attention to whereabouts it appears in your spread, so you understand precisely what it's signifying. There's rarely a downside to The Star - although it can occasionally denote piety, loss and even abandonment.

In the grander scheme of things, it can stand for high principles such as human rights and equality. So it's a favourable omen in the broadest possible sense, when a reading might encompass wide-reaching influences that could impact upon a whole family, community - or even a nation!

If you desire to put a negative situation behind you, to learn how to cooperate with people you've so far failed to gel with, or to find the motivation needed to finally get a stalled project off the ground, then this card's influence is exactly what you should be hoping to find in your Tаrоt reading!

But just a tiny word of caution. Many years ago, I spent a beautiful, starlit evening strolling along the banks of the river Zambezi, in Zambia's wonderful Maramba Park. It was intensely peaceful, despite my sensing unseen company the whole way...

Suddenly, The Moon popped over the horizon, and I turned around to meet the baleful stare of a ferocious and all too hungry-looking crocodile, who'd been ambling along behind me, licking his lips!

It goes to show that, in this world, danger is never faraway. So we always need to keep a wary eye half open to what's going on around us, even when we're shielded by the greatest of influences...

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